Let’s see if I can

June 14, 2014 § 1 Comment

I realized  how bad  social networking sites affect my life for the past few years. It seems  that my actions, though not directly, are  projections on how I want to be seen or regarded by the people on my FB and Instragram accounts.

It has become my nature  to post anything I  feel like sharing. Things like:

1.  a pic of a  bottle of beer i just emptied.

2. A selfie with a dog

3.  status on how sleepy I was

4. a cryptic line

5. a shout out to a person I hated to death.


What am I getting really when I share almost everything? What good does it make when I tell the world how good the life i am experiencing while I  hang out in my favorite dessert place? I think i need to pull back a bit and see that my world should not be governed by  how I want to be seen by people lurking at my social media accounts.

I also think that I need to  get off this online world where most of the people are currently stuck in.  It’s  actually an addicting and hypnotizing world where people get self gratification by the number of likes or comments they receive.

I think I need to go back to the old ways. Be courageous and share more good things not  by clicking  share or like button but by going to them personally-  pull their hair for a prank, squeeze their shoulder, shout at them from afar, stare at a distance with them.

So here’s the plan. Social media (FB, IG, Twitter etc) only from 12 noon till 1 pm and 7pm till 8pm.



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